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Submitting, publishing, reading and accessing any articles in any journals published by Neurotak Publishing do not incur fees of any form. The publisher was establised for non-profit in order to liberate science and make it free of charge for everyone.

However, someone would have to pay for the bills (server, domain, doi, archiving, marketing, manpower etc) and expenses that keeping all the journals free for all. By average, 16-hour is spent on each accepted article from the moment of acceptance to publication. Not to mention the time spent on processing the manuscript for peer-reviewing.

Therefore, supporters, readers and authors feel free to contribute any article viewing or processing fees as you like. You will have the choices on the amount you wish to pay as you read or publish your articles here. The amount range from MYR/USD0 (FREE) to any figure that is affordable by you. We will not judge you if you decided not to contribute. After all this is the main reason behind establishing the journal, “enabling boundless scientific discoveries”. The fee is never obligatory. If you do contribute, you make maintaining all the journals published by us far more sustainable in long term basis.

Regardless of your decision, please feel free to contribute your next manuscript to one or more of our journals or access any published articles as you like! As much as we want to sustain better, we look forward to your contributions as well as readership!

To contribute via Paypal

To contribute via Paypal, you may choose the level of contribution below and adjust the quantity accordingly during checkout to reach your desired amount.

Neurotak Publishing is the business entity that will manage the billing on behalf of all journals published under the company.

If you wish to channel your contribution to a specific journal or article published by Neurotak Publishing, please kindly drop us an email via info@neurotak.org with the payment receipt. The contribution will then be credited to the support and help the designated journal.

Choose a type of contribution fee:

To contribute via an official invoice

To contribute any readership or author fees at different amounts or method of payment or via an official invoice, please send us the following information to info@neurotak.org:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your billing address.
  3. Your contact email.
  4. The amount you wisht to contribute.
  5. The method you wish to contribute: Either by credit card (we use paypal for credit card payment) or telegraphic transfer (the contributor will bear all the transaction fees).
  6. Any additional information: e.g. “I would like to contribute for the paper MS#XX that I published in the journal”.

To contribute via TransferWise

To contribute any readership or authorship fees at different amounts via TransferWise services, please contact us at info@neurotak.org for bank account information.