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MINI-REVIEW | 31 December 2020

Iloka, B. C. and Anukwe, G. I. (2020) “Review of eye-tracking: A neuromarketing technique”, Neuroscience Research Notes, 3(4), pp. 29–34. doi: 10.31117/neuroscirn.v3i4.61.


MINI-REVIEW | 3 December 2020

Mansor, . A. A. and Mohd Isa, S. (2020) “Fundamentals of neuromarketing: What is it all about?”, Neuroscience Research Notes, 3(4), pp. 22–28. doi: 10.31117/neuroscirn.v3i4.58.


EDITORIAL NOTE | 24 October 2020

Mohamed, W. M., Chatterjee, I. and Kamal, M. A. (2020) “Integrated neural technologies: Solutions beyond tomorrow”, Neuroscience Research Notes, 3(5), pp. 1–3. doi: 10.31117/neuroscirn.v3i5.59..


SYSTEMATIC REVIEW | 5 October 2020

Arulsamy, A. and Shaikh, M. F. (2020) “Current status of traumatic brain injury research in Malaysia: A systematic review”, Neuroscience Research Notes, 3(4), pp. 1–21. doi: 10.31117/neuroscirn.v3i4.52.


MINI-REVIEW | 20 September 2020

Iloka, B. C. and Onyeke, K. J. . (2020) “Neuromarketing: a historical review”, Neuroscience Research Notes, 3(3), pp. 27–35. doi: 10.31117/neuroscirn.v3i3.54.


MINI-REVIEW | 27 July 2020

Faris, A., Cheah, P.-S. and Ling, K.-H. (2020) “Single nucleotide polymorphism of BDNF Val66Met (rs6265) and its association to neuropsychiatric disorders”, Neuroscience Research Notes, 3(3), pp. 9–26. doi: 10.31117/neuroscirn.v3i3.50.

About us

“Neurotak” is a combination of two Malay words, “neuro” and “otak”, which stands for “neuron” and “brain”, respectively. Neurotak Publishing, a Malaysian company, was established in 2018 to publish its flagship journal called “Neuroscience Research Notes”, which is a truly free open-access journal. Since then, the publisher aims to help non-profit organisations or individuals to setup, administer, copyedit and produce the journal of their choice. The publisher is aspired to disseminate scientific discoveries for free by creating a platform for free submission, evaluation and publication of quality writings by authors. All published materials are made freely accessible to all readers. The publisher and all its journals are supported by contributions from both authors and readers from the public.

Our vision & mission

  • To create a publishing platform to disseminate free and validated knowledge.
  • To make sure that editors own their journals and authors own their ideas in the published articles.
  • Do not discriminate small scientific discoveries but findings of bad quality.  
  • Unpublished discoveries in the laboratory note books equate to no discoveries at all. 
  • Hypothetical arguments are scientifically healthy and are acknowledgeable via publication.
  • To support young authors in their early career development by acknowledging their contributions and ideas in the form of journal publication.

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